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We keep hearing the word 'Unicode', and people are saying that it is better if a font is 'Unicode'. What is this 'Unicode' thing, and why is it better?

What is Unicode?

  1. Unicode is a "UNIversal CODE" for displaying all the characters in every language: like "a" or "ཡ" or "दी"
    But it isn't a code you have to learn, like you learn HTML or PHP.
    The computer uses this code to display characters - on the screen, in printing, etc.
  2. How to use Unicode?
    → use a Unicode font,
    → and tell the computer you are using it.
    More here
  3. Why is it good to use Unicode?< br />With Unicode, all languages will display for everybody everywhere.
    More here

Much more info is at http://bodyig.tibetangeeks.com//info/unicode-faq.html.

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