Tibetan Input Method for Linux

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Installing a Tibetan input method for gnome

For gnome you need the packages uim, uim-m17nlib, uim-applet-gnome. This installs a Wylie input method (as part of uim-m17nlib) and a keyboard switcher that can be added to the gnome panel:

  • Right-click the gnome-panel, select "Add to Panel..." and add the "Input Method Indicator (uim)".
  • Within the configuration of UIM, enable the input method "m17n-bo-wylie" or the newer m17n-bo-ewts, .
  • Now open gnome text editor (gedit), select a Tibetan font, e.g. Tibetan Machine Uni and activate the input method "m17n-bo-wylie".
  • You should now be able to type Tibetan.

Advanced customization

It is possible to exchange or change the way the input method "m17n-bo-wylie" works: Simply edit (as root, make a backup first!)


to add or modify the translation from wylie into Unicode Tibetan. This file serves as documentation of the input method and is also a good way to understand how the input method translates Wylie into Tibetan Unicode.