LibreOffice / OpenOffice configuration for Tibetan script support

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  1. Follow Preparing Computers for Tibetan Editing to setup your computer for Tibetan editing. (Install input method, fonts and correct display of complex scripts)
  2. Get the latest version of OpenOffice for your platform

Configuration of OpenOffice

  1. Start OpenOffice
  2. Select Tools/Options/Language Settings/Languages and within "Enhanced Language Support" enable "Enabled complex text layout (CTL)". Complex text layout is required to be able to work with Tibetan Unicode fonts in OpenOffice.
  3. In the same dialog select as "Default Language" for "CTL" Dzongkha

Additional Software: Tibetan formatting macros

You can also install the Tibetan Formatter OpenOffice Extension.

External links

Visit this link to see how to enable Tibetan inputing in OpenOffice.